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    This site is a (somewhat) faithful chronicle of the (often) stupid and (sometimes) funny things I've done and seen since moving from the U.S. to France in September 2003.

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21 July 2005


marie b.

that's how it is for me, having left ireland to move to the u.s.

it all seems so distant and foreign now, even though i lived there until a couple months ago.

marie b.


i took a look at your Dublin photos and . . wow. they made me really emotional. i guess i miss dublin more than i thought.


We expats are all alike.. I am living for 5 years in California now and came originally from Holland. I know I still have mixed thoughts about both the place where I live and the country that I left. The grass is always greener they say.. well when I lived in Holland I liked yellow grass, reminded me of vacation in foreign countries.. now I miss those greeen dutch grass fields more and more :)
P.S. I love your photos, would you like to feature some front door photos on my blog? If so send me an email to the address you can find on that site.

Joseph (The Traveler's Advocate)

I'm jealous. If I were not tied down to life (getting married soon and finishing up school) I'd consider the expate life. I doubt the soon-to-be-wife would go along with that though. It's been a hard sell getting her to support travel writing I think but that's ok. I am happier with her than ever before. Still, I love travel and plan to experience it a lot more in future. I can understand your experience of America seeming strange. Ever since the first time I left and came back, everything has seemed strange. I am more critical now after seeing everything from a foreign point of view. I think it makes us better Americans to travel and see other ways of thinking. Any how, nice site. I'll definitely drop by from time to time. Cheers!


I can so empathize with this. I lived in Ireland for about six months, and then in Amsterdam for a few years. It was exhausting. I'm amazed when people relocate for good- it just seems tot ake such a long time to get comfortable.

You describe the sensation well.


By the way.. there is a expat blog directory for blogs from all kind of people living abroad.. it's pretty interesting to read stories from people with similar experiences.


I, too, regularly wonder how expats survived this before the internet. Every time I get down about how hard it all is and how much I miss everyone back home (I'm from Colorado and now in Singapore), I think about those amazingly brave - and surely desperate - pioneers who struck out for a new world, knowing they'd likely never see family and friends and familiar places again. In comparison, we've got it soooo easy.

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