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    This site is a (somewhat) faithful chronicle of the (often) stupid and (sometimes) funny things I've done and seen since moving from the U.S. to France in September 2003.

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28 September 2005


Ash Sere

Just wanted to mention that I'm very impressed with your site design. Lovely layout and fast loading, an unusual combination!


They're pretty scary when it comes to airport security in the US. It's like they know what they've got to do, but they don't know how to do it properly, and they have to somehow do what they don't know how to do without trampling on civil liberties or accidentally profiling travellers. As a result, my husband, who, with his dark skin, could easily look like a terrorist after a 12 hour flight to the US from our home in Israel, is allowed to run through US airports without being stopped, while 80 year old ladies flying from Newark to Florida complain about having had to remove their shoes and belts for security checks. Pretty sad, really.

Mohammad Zohaib Khan

its really nice place 7 pictures are also very awesome. Thanks to sharing with us.
Mohammad Zohaib Khan from Atlanta

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