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    This site is a (somewhat) faithful chronicle of the (often) stupid and (sometimes) funny things I've done and seen since moving from the U.S. to France in September 2003.

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31 October 2005



Oh NO! Well, I wish you the best where ever you are. If you're JMo in Washington DC (or the DC metro area for that matter) send me an e-mail ;) Good luck with everything in your future.


Give it a shot. I would be interested to know some things about your repatriation.

Like the price of tomatoes and chocolate, coffee and the ease of returning rechargable batteries.

Down here on the Cote, I don't really think of returning. But I do think it would be nice to hear of someone who did after getting a dose of 'the other side.'

(My bet is that you will be back.)

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