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    This site is a (somewhat) faithful chronicle of the (often) stupid and (sometimes) funny things I've done and seen since moving from the U.S. to France in September 2003.

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22 March 2006



Nice and Impressive blog.


I know the exact feeling! When I move someplace new, I always feel as though I'm going to cry... with joy and with sadness. After a couple of moves I've come to welcome this feeling and learned to just let it be. No amount of stress on my part is going to get rid of it anyway!


its great , i love your site

Robert (moved UK -> France)

Even though your blog is over, I'm glad that you have left it for other readers. So much of what one reads about life in France is unremitingly positive. It is good to have accounts such as yours to give a more balanced perspective. I moved here 5 years ago and I may leave within a year, largely due to the difficult of work and relationships.


Thanks for the nice post, Paris is also my favourate city.


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Great post :) I do know that feeling and used to feel the same way it just you are a circle of feelings and emotions and you can't really explain why is that.

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